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A grouponing-platform offers special discount coupons for individual cities. For these a minimum number of potential buyers is searched. The deal is time-limited and only comes into being when the required minimum number of people buys the coupon on the grouponing-platform. The buyers will receive their voucher by e-mail.

Business model:

The platform operator provides the grouponing-platform and thus a high purchasing power, and he arranges the entire transaction. For this he receives from the coupon-vendor (the retailer or manufacturer) a performance-based commission. The coupon provider can be sure that the action is worthwhile for him and give high discounts. Besides the sale of coupons if the deal will be realized, he can increase his publicity with the presence on the platform. Customers get attractive offers on the platform. For the deal to get concluded, they spread it through social media platforms – and thus they practice viral advertising for the vendor and the platform.

Examples for grouponing-plattforms:

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