Web Controlling Tools

Web Controlling Tools (also Web Analytics Tools) are defined as control mechanism tools, which monitor the achievement of goals and performance-based management of online activities. The process of Web Controlling with the goal to reach the company´s objective is devided in four parts. The process starts with the goal setting phase, than the measurement by controlling tools and the analysis of the measured figures follow and aferwards the optimization phase brings the concrete results. The modern Web Controlling solutions, which are based on tracking pixel, deliver more exact and concrete information about the visitors of the online portal. Instead of determining only numbers of visitors and page impressions, the behaviour of every single visitor can be tracked in anonymous form.

Conversion Goals

In the area of E-Commerce the main goal is to sell products. But first of all concrete intermediate goals have to be defined. These goals are analysed and measured separatly with special key figures e.g. Order Conversion Rate (OCR).

Intermediate Goals are:

  • effectiveness of single ads (e.g. banner, newsletter)
  • number of the visitors of the web shop
  • number of the visitors who lay something in the shopping basket
  • percentage of the visitors who conclude the purchase process
  • average shopping basket value. 1)

Setting up website conversion goals in the web contolling tool it enables the shop owner to track the success of the website optimization efforts.2) Without the defined earning figures the tools for web controlling are not used efficiently and measurable.


Basic Tools

Google Analytics: The free tool from Google is the most common one in the industry. The design interface is very clean and easy to handle. The negative point is, that it is a proprietary software: customized interfaces are not possible and no linked support is given. But the usage is totally free. google-analytics.com

KISSmetrics: This tool is on a free costumer level more advanced as Google Analytics and focus on conversion related reports and tracking people instead of reporting the page views and visits of a site. KISSmetrics sets a montly fee for using their tool. KISSmetrics.com

Expert Tools

Webtrekk: The tool is extremely indivualizeable and customized. The data protection is very high, so especially Webtrekk is interesting for companies. The new web analysis system Q3 offers the worldwide quickest realtime segmentation based on raw data. Webtrekk.com

Coremetrics: This is a newer player on the enterprise-level of web controlling tools and appertains to IBM. They developed the Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience (LIVE)-Profiles which pursues the behaviour of existing and potential customers, while they interacte with the company online on announcement networks or by e-mail, video, affiliate sites or social media etc.3)coremetrics.de

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