Electronic payment options

Electronic payment options allow to pay a business transaction without cash. It is used in common business but becomes more and more important in E-Commerce-Markets.

Electronic Payment

There are several ways for electronic payment. The most popular one is electronic cash which is also known as EC. The basis of EC is a bank account from which the money is transfered either to the account or from it. The second popular way for electronic payment is the credit card. In the U.S. credit cards are even the most popular way of buying without money. While in the U.S. people have a real credit line with the credit card, in Europe credit cards are more like an extended EC account. It can be used for all currencies. Modern ways of electronic payment are micro payments or paypal.

Security Systems

To avoid misuse and fraud security systems are needed. Usually a security system is done by identification. This identification uses accounts and ID-Numbers. Especially in E-Commerce skimming has to be avoided. Standards are the https-protocol or security certificates. See also secure electronic transaction.

New: Paying at McDonald`s via touchscreen

As McDonald`s announced lately it will provide electronic ordering systems in its 7000 European restaurants.

The "self ordering kiosk"

Clients will be able to order their food via touchscreen-terminals and pay the bill by using credit or EC-card. The terminal will print a receipt and send the order to the desk. Clients may get their food at a special desk. McDonald`s wants to improve waiting time and likes to get deeper informations of clients behavior. 1)

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