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E-Commerce Wiki E-commerce is often used as a term for 'online-shopping' or 'selling on the internet'. But thinking about all the business processes between companies, public sector or with customers this definition seems to be rather advisable. For starting your own business within e-commerce or if you are just interested in the topic you are very welcome. This Wiki offers article on e-commerce and relevant strategies which give a better insight to the topic. We are open for new authors and offer some incentives.


Fundamentals Before starting your own shop, you should know the basic principles of e-commerce. This includes:

Web Controlling

Web controlling “No improvement without constant measurement” - this is a good summary of this section. We discuss topics such as:


Payment Another fundamental issue are the payment options you provide to your customers. To make the right decisions, we offer you the following articles for help:

Risk Management

Risk Management

Protecting yourself against fraud and deficits of payment is the focus of this section:


Logistics Efficient logistic processes ensure a quick and inexpensive sale. You will find articles on the following topics in this section:

Customer Relationship Management


FIXME fix this whole section (all sub pages etc)

How to manage interactions with customers and clients you will get to know in the following section:

Best Practices

Best Practices

Besides e-commerce concepts you will also find Best Practices for specific issues in e-commerce:


International E-commerce is international. Therefore, special processes and strategies are required. This sections discusses topics such as:


Glossary Looking for more specific explanations? Check out our glossary where we explain all terms around e-commerce.

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